Be a part of your community newspaper

Stratford news should come from Stratford people. And you can play a role!

Not everyone is a journalist, but we are all out there living life, and it is interesting. When you are “out and about” in the community and you meet someone interesting or if you capture a scene with your smartphone or camera, please share this with us at the Stratford Times!  It’s as simple as sending a story or photo to or texting 519-655-2341.

Or perhaps you are someone who’d be interested in writing stories for the Times on a regular or occasional basis? If so, please reach out to me at or call us at 519-655-2341.

We also welcome story ideas, or concepts for future newspaper features. Or whatever else is on your mind to make this newspaper the best it can be.

A community newspaper is at its best when the entire community feels involved and engaged. Please consider sharing your “slices of life” or ideas with the Times for the benefit of documenting history here and for entertaining our readers. 

By Stewart Grant, Publisher