Powerhouse Painting looking for more volunteers for National Stadium makeover

  • Sports   Thursday, June 9, 2022   Emily Stewart

Residents can revitalize a local baseball diamond by either donating money, providing materials or painting a fence line.

Jessica Elliot, owner of Powerhouse Painting, has been working on upgrades for the National Baseball Stadium in Stratford. Elliot began the project about a year ago by painting a few doors for Barry Grasby, the rep UIC and stadium grounds for Stratford Minor League Baseball. 

"Barry had wanted to just do some lipstick updates to make it appear spiffy after years of neglect and he called me and asked about aquiring some paint and primer and what he should do,” Elliot said. 

As she walked around the area, she kept seeing what else needed updating.

In 2021, either Elliot would ask around if any businesses were able to support the cause, or businesses would come up to her to volunteer. Currently, she is waiting to hear from the City of Stratford about available grants and what the grants will be used for. Elliot is also looking for people who can either donate their time, materials like paint, or money towards purchasing materials.

Plans include collecting metal fabrication donations for the washrooms, adding a wheelchair accessible stall, and implementing children’s change stations. Elliot would also like volunteers to caulk the benches and have an artist paint “Home of the Stratford Nationals” or “Welcome to Stratford” on the fence. 

Elliot wanted to help Grasby and his family revamp the ballpark because of his passion for the stadium. He coached her son for a few years and she got to know the rest of his family. She also wanted to make an impact on the community and encourage residents to use the stadium. 

"It’s fun going there and watching the boys play ball, but you don’t actually get many people in the community actually coming out and making use of it,” Elliot said. “I thought if we vamped it up and dressed it up and made it look pretty, then maybe we would get the general public coming out on a Friday night or a Wednesday night or whenever a game night is to be able to make good use of it and start cheering on some of our local athletes.” 

Elliot said anyone interested in helping refurbishing the stadium can send an email to  info@powerhousepainting.net.