Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth Launches Urgent Appeal For Kitten With Broken Leg

  • Community   Tuesday, November 22, 2022   

The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth (HSKWSP) has launched an urgent appeal campaign to raise funds for a five-month-old kitten that needs emergency medical surgery to have one of his limbs amputated.

 The kitten, named Tiny Tim by staff, arrived at the centre as a stray in poor condition. The physical examination, including bloodwork and x-rays administered by the Humane Society veterinary team, revealed a long list of health concerns. Tiny Tim had a fracture in his front left leg. The team also found a previous injury – a dislocation of the elbow in the same limb – which had become infected. He will also have to be treated for a lice infestation.

 Tiny Tim heads into an emergency surgery today to have his front left leg amputated. The HSKWSP estimates that his medical and care costs could reach up to $4,000 or more by the time he is ready for adoption. This includes the cost of surgery to have the infected limb removed, neuter surgery, antibiotics and cost of care. Following surgery, Tiny Tim will head into foster care to recover until he is ready to find his forever home.

 “The money raised from this campaign will help Tiny Tim lead a healthy, happy life,” stated Kathrin Delutis, chief executive officer, the HSKWSP. “We have had a number of medical cases like this lately and rely on our community’s generosity to provide this life-saving medical care. We truly hope you’ll donate today.”

 For updates on Tiny Tim, check out the HSKWSP’s website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make a one-time donation for Tiny Tim here. For more information on the initiatives of the Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth, please visit