City looking for resident feedback amid 2023 budget talks

  • Council   Friday, January 13, 2023   

The 2023 municipal budget talks are underway and the city wants to hear from residents.

The City of Stratford ran a public feedback survey until January 3rd. While the survey deadline has passed, the Engage Stratford website has the option for residents to send in questions to be presented at a future budget meeting.

Karmen Krueger, Stratford’s treasurer and director of corporate services, said in an email sent to the Stratford Times on January 4 that feedback from the survey and a staff report will be presented to council at the first budget meeting on January 10. Stratford residents are welcome to attend all budget meetings, which are public, and either watch or listen to the budget meeting or act as a delegate to talk to council about anything specific.

“Residents can reach out to members of Council, department staff and/or myself with questions or considerations during the budget process or at any time,” Krueger said. 

An executive summary on the City of Stratford website sets the total 2023 operating budget at $138.8 million and $61.7 million in capital projects. The budget does not include Bill 23, but could be discussed at future meetings. Some highlights of the 2023 budget include improving the parking lot on Erie Street, implementing electric charging stations, and rehabilitating Dunn’s Bridge. 

The draft operating budget posted on the Engage Stratford website had several sections including the mayor’s department/CAO, corporate services, and G134 Information Technology listed as ones that would be continued to be impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic, in spite of several restrictions being eliminated. 

“The comment reflects the uncertainty that previous restrictions caused and continue to cause,” Krueger explained. “While the explicit provincial or federal restrictions may be lifted, there have been some resulting and ongoing supply chain issues and uncertainties around potential grant funding that may or may not be available, which can impact the completion of initiatives.”

Krueger said Stratford residents should get involved with the budget process as much as possible to let council know what expenses should be prioritized. 

“The City takes the responsibility of being a steward of taxpayer dollars very seriously, and the budget process is an opportunity for residents to learn more about how we do that, and where their property tax dollars go.”

The next budget meetings take place on January 24, February 7, and February 21. More information can be found via and